Terms of use

Secret Villas has created this Privacy Policy in order to better familiarize the users of this site with the personal information we collect.

The term Personal Information refers to any information that can be used to identify a person as an individual. It can include, among other things, name, phone number, address, credit card account number, IP address etc.


Personal Information are being collected

  • By reviewing Website.

    When someone visits our website, she or he is initially given a "cookie". A cookie is a commonly used device that tracks an individual user’s preferences, and is capable of enhancing your visit to the site. Cookies allow us to provide a customized experience without the visitor having to remind us of her or his preferences each time she or he visits our site. If you do not want to accept cookies, you can block them by adjusting the settings on your Internet browser. Visitors should understand, however, that rejecting cookies will affect the ability to benefit from the conveniences afforded by the use of cookies, and you will not be able to use certain customization features associated with creating a user profile.


  • While Browsing the Website.

    When you choose to provide us with personal information, we will only use it for the purpose specified to us. We will only e-mail you if you want us to, and you can choose a number of alternate methods by which to receive a reply to a request. If you are uncomfortable providing this information over the Internet, you can always call us for more details. Reservations can be made by contacting directly. When you make a reservation we may ask you for Personal Information such as your name, address, telephone number and method of payment. We may also obtain from you any preferences or special requests. Confirmation of your reservation will be provided to you, generally by e-mail, directly from us. Visitors will always have the ability to accept or decline any form of communication from Secret Villas.


  • During your stay at the Villas.

    Information particular to your stay may also be stored (i.e. health issues, payment difficulties). This specific information is stored at the villa where you stayed and is combined with information from previous visits that you have made to the villa. We may also collect certain information as required by local laws (e.g. passport number). In addition, we may retain the content of any document (including comment cards, electronic documents such as e-mails and other similar forms of communication) that you send us before, during or following your stay. This information may be shared with employees of the villa but will not be shared with any third party.


This Personal information is being stored:

  • At the villas

    All Personal Information is kept in a secure location. Furthermore, we take steps to ensure that only designated individuals have access to this information.

  • In our reservation system

    In order to serve you better we also store certain guest information in our Guest Reservation System. This is a secure customer database. The stored information includes guest name, address, phone numbers, credit card account numbers etc.

We also store other transaction information in our Reservation System, including the number of nights you stayed at the villas.


Personal information is being collected:

  • To Provide Customer Service.

    Personal Information is collected to assist us in making your reservation and providing the services you request at any of our properties, to ensure we meet your needs while you are staying with us and/or to allow us to contact you in relation to matters that arose from your stay with us.

  • To Keep Our Guests Informed.

    We may also use this Personal Information to inform you of information that may be of interest to you.


We will only share Personal Information about you outside the Hotel without your consent, where: a) it is required or authorized by law, b) it is required to provide you with services you have requested, c) if your stay has been paid for by a third party we will provide billing information to the paying party as soon as you sign the proper authorization form.

We understand that you may like to know what Personal Information we hold about you. We are happy to assist you with your request. To protect your Personal Information, however, we require that you prove your identity to us at the time your request is made. When you make a request in person, we will require you to produce some form of photo identification such as a passport or driver’s license and you will be asked to sign a request form.